Join me Dec. 8 on Episode 128 of HR Happy Hour: The Consumerization of HR

Join me this week as I join as a guest speaker on Steve Boese’s HR Happy Hour blogtalk radio show.

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Episode Overview From Steve Boese:

It used to be that technologies were invented and popularized first in giant organizations or in large government and university research labs, before these new inventions and ideas could begin to influence and impact the private citizen. Access to information and computing power tended to be scarce, expensive, and highly protected.

Fast forward to today, where the internet, mobile access, social networks and other factors have combined to shift the flow of technological change and progress. Now, individuals have access to tools, platforms, networks, ideas, and each other in unprecedented ways, and in a manner that is changing the way we work, and the way the HR organization of the future will have to adapt and support their companies.

Joining us to tackle these questions will be Yvette Cameron from Constellation Research who will provide insights from Constellation’s latest research and their ongoing investigation of the Future of Work and its impact on people, processes and technologies. Yvette has a true passion for disruptive technologies in people processes, and doesn’t hold back when it comes to the responsibility of HR in driving transformation change across the organization. Join us for an engaging look into the future of work, and the resulting future of HR as it faces unprecedented levels of change.

It will be a fun evening and I hope you can join us!

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