Virtual Conference: Converging Workforce Intelligence with Social Analytics

Join me Thursday, March 1, at 11am eastern, as I present:People Insights 2.0: Opportunity at the Confluence of Workforce Intelligence and Social Analytics,” sponsored by and the Institute of Human Resources (IHR) Community for Social Media and Employee Communication.

Session Description:

The use of enterprise social networking platforms is on the rise as organizations look to these emerging tools to facilitate employee collaboration, knowledge sharing, increased engagement, improved productivity, and even to foster fundamental shifts in culture. As more and more employee interactions take place within these enterprise collaboration tools, new and interesting data emerges about employees, teams, projects, goals, content and other aspects of the enterprise.

This new data, gleaned through analysis of the activities within the collaboration platform, includes insights into how people work and collaborate, the type and quality of content that is contributed and leveraged in the community, the effectiveness of different communications, the degree to which individuals are perceived as leaders or followers, and much more. The emergence of this new data drives much richer insights into the workforce of the organization. It enables social intelligence infusion into traditional talent management processes, such as performance, calibration, succession and retention.

Combining social and workforce analysis enables People Insight 2.0.

In this session, we’ll look how organizations can leverage the opportunities of People Insight 2.0. We’ll cover the tools used and opportunities stemming from the analysis of network connections, community activity, sentiment analysis, employee reputation management, and others. We’ll also explore the ways by which this social data can increasingly be incorporated into workforce analytics and workforce planning platforms for a more holistic view of the workforce.

We’ll review use cases and provide practical tips for how you can immediately apply these new social workforce insights to your talent management initiatives, transforming your people processes for better business results.

Who Should Participate:

All HR Professionals; anyone responsible for internal enterprise social networking and collaboration (such as HRIT/IT leadership); anyone responsible for workforce analytics and/or workforce planning initiatives.

What You Will Learn:

  • How and why to augment your current workforce analytics with social data;
  • The tools and methodologies that are available to help you capture and understand the data in your social networking platforms;
  • Why the static employee profile is insufficient for the way we do business today; and
  • How your talent management processes must evolve to incorporate social workforce analysis.

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