Thriving in the Future of Work

future connectionsThe world is changing, and so, too, is the way we work. From how we attract and onboard new talent into our organizations, to how we view and measure individual and team performance, to ensuring ongoing engagement and inspiration for better business results. Traditional work practices and business structures are evolving at an unparalleled rate in the face of today’s dynamic business and technology climate, unconventional tactics and shifting workforce paradigms.

Are you prepared for the future of work?

Thriving in the future of work requires evolving traditional ways of thinking. It involves moving beyond standard “hire to retire” processes to those that “engage and inspire.” It demands an evolution from transactional systems to engagement and experiential systems, bringing context to people-centric applications to drive agility and flexibility. In the future of work:

  • Traditional job structures expand to embrace the flexibility and mobility demanded by the newest generation of workers. Concepts such as co-working and freelance talent pools are becoming more prevalent, driving new approaches in not only in how we hire but also how we manage the workforce.
  • Powered by gamification platforms, performance and goal management shifts in practice from command and control to open and engaged.
  • The employee profile gives way to a portable talent profile encompassing formal and social components for unparalleled talent insights and contextual relevancy.
  • Learning and development paradigms evolve to  continuous and social knowledge enablement across the enterprise.
  • Organizational practices expand beyond top down succession planning to continuous and bottom-up talent mobility practices.
  • Understanding spheres of influence becomes more important than the visualization of organizational hierarchies.
  • Critical workforce measures move beyond efficiencies and effectiveness to engagement and outcomes.
  • Movement of talent management and collaboration processes into the cloud brings new consideration for access, interoperability, security, scalability, innovation and more.

The above are just a few of the transformations currently underway, bringing unique challenges and opportunities to organizations as they evaluate where to embrace changes, and where to ignore them, based upon their business hierarchy of needs.

Are you ready for the future of work?

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