Tuesday’s Tidbits: How Does Your Tech Vendor Define Differentiation?

Tuesday’s Tidbits” is a recurring post serving up “choice morsels” of information. Brief? You bet. Distracting? Absolutely. Useful? Hope so! Read on and enjoy.

In a conversation with my colleagues today as we reflected on various vendor briefings, the question was raised, “Do all vendors think their competitive differentiators are unique?”

By definition, “differentiation” should imply unique.  It should also imply “beneficial”, as in “what we offer uniquely is also beneficial to your business.”  Yet how often have we seen a solution looking for a problem, or an over-engineered piece of functionality that is differentiating, but not necessarily better.

See if this scene from the cult classic “This is Spinal Tap” doesn’t remind you of at least one conversation you’ve had with a technology provider. It’s a good reminder to keep challenging the “what” and “why” of those claims of differentiation.

This week’s Tuesday Tidbit comes from “Spinal Tap”


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