Trends in Social Talent: Web Event Recap

In March, I had the honor of kicking off the first episode of the Social Talent Show, a bi-monthly virtual event sponsored by TalentCultureUpMo and #TChat (@Twitter).

In this inaugural show I framed Social Talent as the “Next Wave of Awesomeness”, and had a healthy conversation/debate with Rob Garcia of UpMo and Meghan Biro of TalentCulture on why you should care about these emerging trends, the risks of ignoring them and even where to focus initial efforts. (Spoiler Alert: this is SO MUCH MORE than just a buzzy topic, and doing nothing is not an option).

You’ll find a full recap of this first episode and video replay here.

The format of the Social Talent Show is conversational and engaging, yet also highly informative.  Each month it covers topics across Talent Collaboration, Talent Mobility, Culture, HR and Social Talent.  I’m especially impressed by the lineup of speakers, which run the gamut of vendors, influencers, practitioners, gurus, radicals, visionaries, bloggers, analysts and others.  Community is building around this show, and exciting conversations and debates around Social Talent are growing.  I’m following the Social Talent Show.  Are you?

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