Tuesday’s Tidbits: Challenges in Talent Mobility

Tuesday’s Tidbits” is a recurring post serving up “choice morsels” of information. Brief? You bet. Distracting? Absolutely. Useful? Hope so! Read on and enjoy.

I’ve been writing and speaking a lot about the Future of Work and how it requires an evolution in the way we engage and inspire the next generation workforce. New thinking and approaches to Talent Mobility (the practice of engaging, developing, retaining and deploying organizational talent) are required if organizations are to thrive in the future of work.

This new mindset extends from pre-employment considerations (how can we improve the skills in the labor market to improve employability) to post-hire practices which include relinquishing the “command and control” mentality so that employees are given the tools necessary with which to drive their own mobility forward.  (My POV:  Social collaboration tools become critical for organizational success in this area, as they enable mentoring, transparency in projects and foster the conversations that will drive employee engagement, knowledge sharing and, ultimately, mobility within the enterprise).

Mercer published their study on this topic earlier this year, Talent Mobility Good Practices.  The study uncovered four key issues facing organizations globally, as summarized in the Infographic below.

Tackling talent mobility issues
Infographic by Mercer Insights

Your POV

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