Disruptive or Enabling? Social Technologies in Talent Management

Bring up the subject of social tools to business leaders, and many will still take the position that these technologies have little to no real value in supporting daily workplace initiatives. But whether these leaders are ready for it or not, today’s workers are bringing expectations for social and mobile technologies into the workplace. Ever-connected, accustomed to instant access to information and people, social and mobile technologies are simply the way we live and work today.

cloud3In a few weeks I’ll be publishing the first in a series of reports detailing both the disruptive and enabling effects of social technologies on talent management practices and technologies. The first of these reports provides a comprehensive look across nine primary categories of talent management, highlighting the evolution and transformations taking place as a result of social, mobile and cloud technologies.

Preliminary findings from this research have already been published in the latest edition of Workforce Solutions Review, a publication of the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM).  In that issue, I discuss a few of the emerging realities within the future of talent management:

  • Talent sourcing and acquisition has gone social;
  • Goals, initiatives and tasks are more immediate and transparent;
  • Identifying top talent benefits from richer insights;
  • The “system of record” becomes a portable, holistic profile; and
  • Concepts in customer analysis are informing HCM analytics.

The article also looks to the future and notes that social and mobile experiences
are impacting more than just processes; they’re also impacting how software is being developed, delivered and consumed.

For an early glimpse into the findings from this body of research, download the full article here.

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