In Anticipation of the HR Technology Conference


It’s coming.  That annual event that calls together the technology leaders and rising stars; innovators and educators; providers and users of all things HCM technology. The “gathering of the clans” (as the Scots would say) as old friends and colleagues touch base to see who’s working where this year.  A 3-day long festival of information, technology, networking and, I’ll admit it, FUN, that never fails to yield new ideas and important new connections. 

I’m going to be at the HR Technology Conference this year.  Will you?

Every year I look forward to attending the annual HR Technology Conference & Expo with great anticipation. For many of us, the event is truly like a family reunion, bringing together old friends from across the HR Tech industry to reconnect and share experiences gained since the previous year’s conference.  For some, it’s about the swag.  For everyone, it’s an awesome venue to see the latest innovations, engage with and learn from peers across the industry and to walk away with the information and connections needed to make those often career-making decisions back in the office.

With more than 25 years experience in the HCM space, I have embraced my inner HCM geek; for me, HR Tech is the ultimate geekapalooza.   I look forward to three days steeped in conversations around HCM processes and technology.

But this year will be different.  This year it gets personal.

I’m excited to be speaking for the first time this year at HR Technology, where I’ll have the opportunity to share findings from my research that point to very exciting and real opportunities for the HCM industry, and the ever evolving role of HR.

Despite its early morning start (9:00 am Wednesday morning, after the previous evening’s myriad parties)  I’ll be on hand to present the  The Social Enterprise:  New Tools Transform How Work Gets Done.  This session will be anything but ordinary.  (i.e., don’t miss out, even for an open bar the night before!)  There are many new tools on the market for supporting emerging ways of working across the enterprise: social goal and task management tools; ideation and innovation accelerators;  innovative approaches for creating and collaborating around user-generated content; expertise identification via location-based and mobile solutions; and many others.  Other tools outside the traditional “HCM” market are also emerging as important “talent” technologies, such as social sourcing and management of the ever growing contingent workforce, and workforce analytics that take their cue from lessons learned in the customer analytics arena.

Cool?  You bet.  Hyped?  Absolutely.  Generating real business value?  In some cases yes, but success depends greatly on things like your underlying strategy, implementation approach and organizational culture.

If you’re looking for a pragmatic approach to understanding the application of these technologies within your organization, please haul yourself out of bed early Wednesday morning and join me.  I’ll promise you free coffee and a great hour of discussion.

Bill Kutik tells me that hotel rooms are filling up fast, so if you’re planning to attend, register now.  And if you register with the Promo Code YVETTE12 (case sensitive)  you’ll also get $500 off the on-site rate – larger than the discount advertised in the brochure, and there is no expiration on this discount.

I hope you’ll be joining me at the HR Technology Conference this year. The surest way to find me will be to attend my session at 9am Wednesday, October 10, and I’ll see you afterward.

I hope to see you in Chicago!

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